Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas in Normandy, 2007

In Normandy during December, all the small villages decorate with lights.  There is a competition to see which is the best. It's not only the business part of town, most of the houses are decorated as well.  There are tours one can book, to ride a bus to multiple villages in one evening viewing the lights.  I think they also have wine to drink along the way.  After all, it is France!

The Church at the top of the village of Beauchene.

Lighted arches mark the pathways in Beauchene.

Only in Normandy is there a still in lights for Christmas.  After all, Calvados is the apple brandy the area is famous for!
The Village of Beauchene has won so many times, they are no longer in the competition, but have the ongoing title of Best.  Our neighbors across the courtyard came over from England for the weekend, just to visit Beauchene.

La Sauvagere is a smaller village of 200 inhabitants that is totally decked out!  I think it won an award in 2007.

A horse running a mill stone to crush the apple for Calvados.

Penguins at the North Pole. 

A giant toy store on display in front of the fire department.
This year, there has been record breaking snow storms across Normandy.  I wonder if it has affected the light shows and displays.  I like to think they are still there and just as beautiful.

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