Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Tucson, 2010 Part 2

The Traditional Tree in the living room.

It's Christmas.   The trees are decorated, all three of them.  One has traditional glass ornaments with my Granny's beads and the beautiful Angel on the top. One is a live Norfolk Island Pine, decorated with  ornaments from Amy and Dan's collection.  The third one has more home made looking ornaments, some from friends, lots from my two children, plus Dan's Star Trek series.  CAPOU!  At least I think that's what Warf says.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!  My friend, JP, informed me there is a Klingon dictionary!  Who knew, certainly not me...Anyway.  Warf says, Qapla.  I still don't know what it means. I thought it could be something like Cheers! or Sante!  But then again, it is Klingon, so it may mean "A dagger to your heart!"

The tree in the kitchen, with all the home made ornaments.
We were sitting in the living room looking at the tree.  Amy tells Dan. "That's our inheritance; Christmas ornaments.  But, we will have to share them with John."  Dan responds, " I think there's enough to do that."

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