Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dresses, Hats, and Dummies

This house sit has been really different from our others.  Maria and Dennis are still here.  It wasn't supposed to work out that way.  Dennis was supposed to be working in Afghanistan. Maria was supposed to be busy with contracts in her business.  Sometimes life doesn't go as it is supposed to.  So, we take care of the dogs, visit Ireland, cook supper semi-regularly, help out when we are needed, and in general have a good time.

Maria and Dennis are planning on moving to Phoenix, Arizona by next year.  This means they need to sell all the stuff in the house and business.  Maria has some beautiful vintage designer label clothing, as well as some fab hats.  She has been listing them on ebay, but not having much luck, so she found a dummy, to use as a model.  We decided she was a French dummy, so her is Duminique.

We spent most of one day doing photos.  I pressed the clothes, Maria and Bill dressed Duminique, then Bill took the photos while Maria wrote down all the info she would need to list them.  Dennis made some excuse about grouting the bathroom.  He would come out every once in a while to find out why we were laughing so hard.

Duminique really shows off the dresses.  Her arms and torso are removeable for easy dressing, or if the clothes are just a bit too tight.  She has several different wigs, depending on the mood.  Sometimes the only thing to do is go for the armless, cueball look.

She even looks good in an Elvis wig!

A few days later, Maria came up with a large collection of hats.  She was looking for a purple one, but though we searched high and low, we couldn't find it.  Then the next day, I was in the garage, when a large box labeled 'purple hat' popped into my field of vision.  Nothing to do but unpack it for showing.  I'm not as cute as Duminique, my arms don't come off at will, but my hair is my own!  So are the wrinkles!

All of the clothes, plus many others are available on ebay under designer clothing.  The hats we trying to sell locally.  Wonder if this one would fit in my suitcase?

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