Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Release The Hounds!

Irish Wolfhounds are huge, hairy, loyal, protective and very deadly if you happen to be a wolf.  In 1724, the Irish Government proclaimed that every county should keep a pack of 24 Wolfhounds to kill the wolves.  This must have been very successful, as there are no wolves left in Ireland.  Unfortunately, this was almost the end of the Wolfhound, as well.  Who needs to feed a huge animal that is no longer needed?  In the 1800's, breeders, realizing tha potential demise of the breeed, worked to turn things around for Wolfhounds.  The result of this concern is why we are in Ireland.

Meet Morgan and Shiva.
                 Morgan getting his morning rub.

                                          Shiva the Goddess

Morgan is a huge male, with the disposition of a teddy bear.  Shiva is a regular sized female who rules the roost.  We take them for walks every morning down by the River Bann.  When we first arrived, they were both extremely overweight and moved slowly.  We have cut back on their rations and upped their exercise levels to the point that now, after nearly 4 weeks, they are both running and bouncing during our walks.

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