Thursday, July 22, 2010

Which way to Edinburgh?

We hadn't planned on going to Edinburgh, but Stena Lines runs a ferry from Belfast to Stranraer, Scotland, from where you can take RailScot onward.  Their summer special is 50 pounds, round trip, so we took it!  The ferry is huge.  It started out into the  bay, but just when we should have been picking up speed at the end of the no wake zone, we stopped.  The captain told us there was a problem with the propulsion system. They either hoped to fix it or at least be able to return to the dock.  We drifted into the wind for about an hour, when, ZOOM!  the propulsion was fixed and we were headed to Scotland at the highest speed they could manage.

Bill on the ferry.  We sat at the front so we could watch where we were going.
This was the quite lounge, but it didn't really work that way, as folks kept walking and little one running aroung on the wooden flooring.
This was the mark we kept looking at while the ferry was not running.

Wasn't fast enough, though,  we missed our train. No worries, they had busses ready to take us on to Ayr to catch the train.  We walked into the train station.  I went to pee and when I returned our train had arrived!  We had to change stations in Glasgow, but the shuttle bus was right there, and when we walked into Queen Street station, the train was waiting.  Even after arriving in Stranraer an hour late, we still made it to Edinburgh on the original train! 

Instead of a B&B, we decided to stay at Pollock Halls on the University of Edinburgh.  It is a large group of dorms centered on a restaurant, meeting hall, bar and shop.  The original buildings are from the 1800, with the new ones being very modern in design.  Gives you mind a tweek!

Our room is very comfortable, looking out on a garden area.  Every door is accessed with our room key card, and there are lots of doors, with each hall way having fire doors at either end and in the middle.  Hope they all open if there is a fire and the electricity goes off!

The  restaurant serves only buffet style, so we walk off campus.  A very short stroll brings us to a street with lots of restaurants, bars, pubs, and shops.  We read menues and decide on one which not only looks good on paper, but is busy with locals, as well.  The Reverie.  Bill has fish and chips, I opt for the meat pie, both washed down with Tennent lager.  Sticky toffee trifle and brownies for dessert.  YUM!

The Whisky Bar at Reverie.

This weekend is off to a great start!

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