Monday, June 06, 2011

Crocker Art Museum

The original Crocker mansion with the first add on to the left.

The new wing of the Crocker Art Museum
This is a do not miss place to see in Sacramento.  It was originally a mansion built by the Crocker Family of early California fame and  more importantly, money.  The mansion has been expanded once with a modern wing, but just last year an new three story addition was opened.  The windows, the lighting, the displays are all excellent.  It is a world class art museum.
Classical statue in the original Mansion.  The woodwork in this building is as wonderful as the art.
The new section has more modern art, some of which is just fun!

We spent a couple of hours looking through the museum.  There were several groups of school children, who seemed to be enjoying themselves.  There was also a tour for "The Red Hat Society".  They were really enjoying themselves!
A few of the ladies from the Red Hat Society tour.

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