Friday, June 24, 2011

Au Revoir Sacramento

Our favorite place for breakfast.
This is our last day house sitting in Sacramento.  We have had a fun time, visited with friends and family, and tasted some good wines.  We enjoyed staying with Toby and getting better aquainted with Charles and Mary Anne. 

Magnolias were in bloom all over the city.
Donna and Anna came for Bill's birthday.

Wine tasting in Amador with Anna and Lauren.

Otis and Mile came to visit Toby.  They brought Amy and Chris with them.
The squirrel on the high line above the back yard who encourages Toby to exercise.

Ivy and Korie's teenage geese.  What a pair!
Shooting the cannon at Sutter's Fort in downtown Sacramento.
Au Revoir Sacramento!  We will miss you.  Now for the long drive back to Tucson.

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