Friday, July 01, 2011

Welcome July!

Yippee!  It's July, my month.  Oh I know there are others who have birthdays or anniversaries or whatever, but July belongs to me!  It has always been my favorite month. 

First there is the Fourth of July, complete, well most years, with fireworks and John Phillip Souza marches.  This year there won't be any fireworks in Arizona because of the fire danger.  (And that's ok by me, don't burn my desert home down please.)

Growing up, I spent several weeks each July with my paternal grandparents in Justiceburg, Texas.  It was a little bump in the road with one gas station, a post office and a Baptist church.  There were a few homes still occupied, but the bulk of the population (maybe 30 people) lived on farms and ranches in the area.  When I was about 10, my grandmother and I went to the schoolhouse, which still had a school bell, even though the building was no longer used.  We waited until noon, then both of us laughing,  pulled on the rope.  We rang that bell for at least 5 minutes.  At church the next Sunday, everyone was curious about who had rung the bell. My grandmother proudly told them, "It was Mary and I celebrating the Fourth of July!" 

Next on the agenda is my birthday.  I love birthdays.  I'm not one of those who dreads turning a year older.  I'm in it for the dessert!  I've had a wide selection of cakes, pies, brownies, even a creme caramel in Bordeaux.  Just stick a candle in it for me to blow out and I'm happy!

The latter part of July is our wedding anniversary.  Bill and I eloped 42 years ago.  It's been an ongoing adventure.  We have lived all across the US while in our working careers. In the years since we've been housesitting, we've seen more of the US as well as adding France, Northern Ireland and England to our places lived list. 

Hurray for July!

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