Friday, July 29, 2011

A Visit to M Monet's House and Gardens

The Monet Family home.  Yes, it really is pink with green shutters.
We have visited Giverny several time before; in the late spring, early summer and fall.  This was the first time to see it in the summer. The colors of the flowers in bloom change with each season, summer's colors being mainly pinks and blues with yellows and reds for contrast.

The original path from the water gardens to the main house.  The property is now divided by a highway through town.  To get to the water lillies, one walks through a tunnel under the road.

Beautiful pink flowers, I don't know the name.

No French summer garden would be complete without sunflowers.

Hollyhocks, one of my favorites. 
The house is furnished with Monet family furniture and belongings.  The walls are still covered with M Monet's collection of Japanese paintings.  None of his own, though, those were sold to support his family and gardening habit.  The book cases are full of horticulture books.  More proof that he had a gardening habit.  Good thing he paintings sold well.

Mary coming out the back door from the kitchen.  Yeah, I could live in this house!

The gates and signs are painted the same green as the shutters.
The water gardens are amazing. Looking out at them, one almost expects to see M Monet painting yet another water lilly subject.  The day was overcast with occasional sprinkles, so while covered in blooms, the lillies were not fully opened.

Monet's water lillies.

Water lillies, the same ones in Monet's paintings.
A funny thing kept happening while we were there.  People would see Bill, then get a strange, confused look on their faces.  Several exchanged conversation among themselves.  Finally, a Frenchman, after having Bill pointed out by his wife, said, "Bon Jour M Monet!"  Bill laughing reply, "Bon Jour!"  This is not the first time someone has thought he looked like M Monet.  In the Grand Palais, in 2008, a tour guide stopped him and asked to take his photo next to a picture of Monet.  There is a striking resemblance.  

Even the chickens in Giverny are special.

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