Saturday, July 16, 2011

Morning at the Market

Every French town has a market at least once a week.  Houillois, which is the town next to Carrieres-sur-Seinne, has one on Wednesday and Saturday.  There is a little of everything for sale, but we went for the produce and meats.

Looking down one of the main aisles.  Wedenesdays are not as busy as Saturdays.

A meat vendor.
We bought a gallet each for our breakfast.  Mine was made with cheese, Bill had complet; cheese, ham and an egg.  We didn't buy much of anything else.  Peaches, a bronzy colored tomato, some olives, cheeries, and several sausages to grill outside.
The tomatoe was the same color inside and tasted delicious.

Our peaches and cherries; the peaches are white fleshed and some of the best I've had!

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