Monday, July 04, 2011

Packing for Three Months

Everything really will fit into a carry on size suitcase.
While it's not difficult to actually pack, deciding what exactly to take is a challenge; especially when you are packing for more than 3 months.  We have checked the long term weather in France and England.  We have checked the averages in both places.  This year, unfortunately, has a been the year that has broken the averages most everywhere.  So we pack layers.  You've heard it all before.  Tank tops that can go under  shirts that can go under sweaters that can go under raincoat.  Top it off with a lovely scarf and surely you won't freeze if the weather turns cold and blustery in October.  It's difficult to wrap ones brain around this when you are in the desert where the high today is to be 109*.

Mary's Packing List for Three Months to fit in 1 carry-on size suitcase.

Pair of jeans
2 pr slacks
1 skirt
1 dress
3 tank tops
9 blouses/tops  Most of these I can wear the tanks under if it's cooler.
Night gown
5 pr undies, 5 bras, split half slip
3 pr black sock, 3 pr footie socks (to wear with MaryJanes), 3 pair short walking socks, 1 pr hose
Cardigan sweater
Goretex coat with hood  (folds into it's own pocket)
2 beautiful scarves
Tech style running hat, there will be dogs to walk, so this will keep my hair and the sun or rain out of my eyes.
Merrill walking shoes
Clark MaryJanes

Travel hairdryer with plugs for EU and UK packed in the case.
Vitamins  Enough for the entire stay, to ensure I have the right ones.
Toiletries, all the usual items  I bring a hangup ditty kit, just in case the bathroom is small, but it's only lightly packed.  The bottles and such go into ziplocks, just in case they leak. Only bring a small containers, as everything will be available in Europe. Except Crest toothpaste, which I haven't found, so a big tube of Crest.
Wash puff

Odd stuff
Cooking apron
Extra photos of us in case we decide to go somewhere we will need a Visa.
Pair of extra reading glasses
Money security neck pouch

On our travel day, I wear a pair of jeans, a tank top with a blouse over, and a pair of Clark leather walking shoes. I carry a hooded sweatshirt for couple reasons. The planes on trans-Atlantic flights are often cold. Most importantly, it won't fit in the suitcase.  I have a tendency to be cold, so one more layer is great.

Bill's suitcase is similarly packed.  He will have different maps and a couple of guide books, as well as our French traveling pocket knife and the corkscrew. He packs his own apron, wash cloth and a stone to sharpen cooking knives.  Only on one of our housesits have we found sharp knives. He carrys a backpack with the small electronics: chargers, cameras, GPS with it's holder, and his prescription medicines, enough for 120 days.  We won't be gone that long, but just in case there is an emergency. Remember last years volcano?

We always take our laptop computer.  In addition to all the computer gear in this case, we carry any important papers we will need while traveling, the cell phone and charger, and my small bag of jewelry.  I carry a purse that is small enough to fit inside the computer bag in case we take a plane (EasyJet) that only allows one carry-on.  There is a CPAP machine in it's own carrying case.  We put our ziplock bag of carry on liquids, 3 oz. or less!, in here for air travel.

We pack our suitcases several days in advance.  Squeeze them shut and find that after a few days they have compressed nicely and are no longer so tightly packed as to explode!  Both suitcases are carry-on size, but will expand if we buy something wonderful to bring home.
Loki does not like for people to pack suitcases.  It means they are going somewhere and he isn't.
He really hates for the pack not to be together.


Nicole said...

No where in there does it read: one Nicole to go! ;) So jealous of your travels but very excited for you. I might have to copy your packing list as I think it covers all the bases. I do believe with the right scarves and jewelry you can dress up anything. :) Thank goodness dressing down doesn't take any work. ;)

Happy (and safe) Travels!

Mary and Bill said...

It's just as well you weren't packed, Nicole. The bags did not arrive with us, so you would have been lost! Thanks for the good wishes.

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