Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Rainy Day

An interesting design for an apartment building, near the Market in Houilles.
A quick trip to the Market for produce and a galette, then over to Carrefore for the rest of the shopping.  Carrefore is in a large shopping centre so there are folks, us included, looking around the center shops while pushing their grocery carts. Odd.

The plants seem to be enjoying all the rain.
Bill has been on the lookout for a selection of knives at the request of his brother.  He may just want one for himself as well.  And maybe gifts for certain people who shall remain unnamed.  In the Tabac, which sells tobacco products, lotto tickets, newspapers and such,  he found a lovely selection of knives.  Now he has to decide what to do.  Yesterday must have been lotto day, because the line at the checkout was completely full of folks with their lotto numbers filled and ready to play!

The Carrefore is being relaid.  Nothing is where it used to be, apparently.  What this means is we are not the only ones walking around looking lost as we try to fill our grocery list.  There is an odd comfort in that.

The flower beds do not have watering systems, like the US, so rain is very welcomed.
It is still raining, so we won't be going much of anywhere as far as sightseeing.  Took me hours to warm up after Paris in the rain. The house heater works on a boiler system, which, being summer, is not turned on.  Alissa offered to show us how, but, being summer, we didn't think we would need it.  This morning it is 50*F.  I could use a little heating!  Maybe the laundry would dry faster too.

A wonderful surprise this morning when I walked across the street to the boulangerie.  The bagettes were  hot from the oven.  Instead of our usual croissants, we had hot buttered bagettes with honey.  Absolutely delicious!  Guess the croissants will be for lunch.

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