Wednesday, July 06, 2011


The monsoon season in Tucson has started.  This seems to be how it works.  It is extremely hot.  Thunderstorms build over all 4 of our mountain ranges. There is a race to see which storm can get down or over the mountains first.  One day, the rain may come from the west, the next the northeast, or north or south.  Pick a direction, sooner or later you will be right.

The backyard during the storm.  I took this through the sliding door, it was too windy to be on the porch.
The storm we just had came out of the northeast.  The wind was so strong, the rain was blowing sideways, not down.  Gusts to 50mph!  Lots of lightning and thunder!  It was all over in an hour!  Whew!  That was exhausting.

Loki all relaxed now that the storm is over.
Loki does not like storms.  So his loving Grandmere moved him into the family room, put on a movie with happy sounds, "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", a rubbed on him during the worst of the storm.  He survived nicely.  Clyde and Andre were excited because they got to watch the movie too.

Some of the clean up to be done from the water running off the roof.
We spent the morning cleaning up the aftermath of downed branches, leaves in the pool and on the sidewalks, and putting things back where they belong after being moved to safety because of the high winds.

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