Monday, July 11, 2011

Mary A Soixant Ans*

Birthday Girl
*Mary has 60 years

And her date.
I wrote it in French so it sounds more exotic.  The birthday was fun.  We went to Sainte Germaine en Laye, which will be covered in another post.  Let's just say, the place is gorgeous with beautiful gardens.   We came back to the house for a snack of stinky cheese and wine.  Dinner was at 8.

Atlas Restaurant is just down the street from the house.  It is Moroccan food, run by two Moroccan gentlemen.  Bill made reservations the night before, so when we walked in the door, they recognized us.  It helps to be the only tourists in the area.  And everyone remembers his beard!

Tangine aux Crevettes, also had lemons, olives, tomatoes, onions, and sweet potatoe.

Couscouse avec 5 viandes was served with a vegetable soup.

We started with coupes de champagne, tangine aux crevettes (shrimp) and couscous avec 5 viandes (beef on a skewer, leg of lamb, lamb steak, chicken and marguesse (a sausage similar to chorizo).   This was served with a bottle of Moroccan Rose wine.  Dessert was pineapple with kirsh poured over it and a selection of Moroccan pastries.  We were too busy eating to take pictures.  We waddled home.
A very memorable 60th birthday!

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