Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Town Sacramento

Old Town Sacramento
Many, many years ago when we lived in Sacramento, Old Town was a nice place to go.  Lots of fun bars and restaurants, interspersed with unique shops.  Today it still has the fun bars and restaurants, but the unique shops have become candy stores and tee shirt vendors.  There is still one very nice jewelry store, but that's it.

Fat City restaurant, still an excellent place to eat.

The original train depot for Sacramento.
The main reasons to visit the old town area are the train museum and the Wells Fargo museum, as well as the old restored buildings themselves.  Our personal favorite is the statue of the Pony Express rider.  While this American icon did not really last that long as a way of mail delivery, it is indelibly imprinted into our minds thanks to the movies.  The Pony express was put out of business by the telegraph and the finishing of the trans-continental railroad.  It was fun while it lasted!
The Pony Express rider.  He has a really intense look on his face.
Plaque at base of rider.

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