Tuesday, November 08, 2011


This guy kept an eye on us whenever we were on the terrace.  He is a beautiful porcelain hominid.
We both would have loved him in our home!
 There's a game we play when housesitting, especially when the home is one we fall in love with.  "What one item would you take home if you could?"  We are only allowed to choose on, but in this home it was very difficult.  There is no limit to size, or ability to get it home; it's all fantasy.
Bill's favorite: The Devil with Insects.  This guy was sitting on the edge of the terrace wall.
 Bill would have put him in our garden as well.
We have always had art in our homes.  Paintings, photographs, carvings, weavings, and lots of baskets, not to mentions antiques and other pretties.  Still, we were overwhelmed by the amount of art in the apartment in Nice.  This only made our choices harder!  We don't play easy games.

Unfortunately, the piece I liked the best didn't show up well in any of the photos, so I'll describe it for you.  It's a Toad head made of cast iron with a very fierce expression, as only toads can have.  The head is mounted on an Egyptian-like stele with engraved toad hieroglyphs.  It would have been fabulous in the entry way!

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