Sunday, November 06, 2011

Just What We Need!

At our home in Tucson, we have a problem with packrats.  Not little old ladies who hoard things in their homes, but the furry little creatures who hoard things in their nests.  Packrats are so good at what they do, that archeaologists love to find there nests when doing a dig.  Some have been found that date back 50,000 years!  This year the packrats came and stole most of the vegies just as they were getting ripe.  How do we know it was the packrats?  We could track them to the "door" of their nest, and there would be the vegie.  Most of the vegies were too big to haul inside.  In one case, they pulled all the leaves off a plant and "decorated" the outside of their nest. 

Now what does this have to do with Nice?  Well, we found the perfect pot to use in our garden.  It is totally packrat proof, as well as rabbit, mice and snake.  We will need a ladder, however, but isn't it pretty?  Now if we could just figure out how to get it home!

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