Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Getting Around in Nice

This guy was guarding an entranceway.
We did not have a car in Nice.  We did not need a car in Nice.  The city buses run frequently, go everywhere, and are only 1 euro.  Tickets may be purchased from the driver, a machine near some stops or you can go to an office and by a card good for 10 rides.  All the tickets are good for the bus or the tram.  If you live here, you can buy a pass that lowers the price considerably.  If you are really daring, you can ride without a ticket and risk the fine.  We never saw anyone checking tickets, though we did see lots of rider not using a ticket.  We bought a card of 10.
The buses are clean, comfortable, airconditioned and have large windows.

The tram system is new, maybe one of the newer ones in France.  It runs very quietly on a rail with rubber pads so there is little jarring to damage the surrounding buildings.  If they didn't use a horn, it would be easy for the thing to sneak up on unsuspecting tourists.  Not us, of course.

Very sleek looking.
The other way to go from point A to point B is walking.  We walked a lot.  Walking means we are able to eat and drink well without gaining enormous amounts of weight.  When we went grocery shopping, we brought a little trolley cart with us, as well as shopping bags.  I think one of the reasons the French, for the most part, are not overweight, is all the walking they do. 
If we had been in a car, we would have missed seeing these animals on the window of a small animal clinic.

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