Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If All Else Fails

The policeman keeping an eye on Bill.
While taking pictures in Vieux Nice, Bill wandered into a courtyard with several large sculptures in front of the building; the offices of the Police Nationale.  It was not a restricted area, but the officer on duty took a lot of interest in this big hairy guy taking photos.  Then I entered the courtyard, saw the officer looking suspiciously at Bill and did the only thing I could to diffuse the situation.  Act Crazy.
Whistle to get Bill's attention, as well as the policeman.  Imagine that, Bill's taking my picture.
Fast step to the right and hide behind the sculpture.  Catch me if you can!
All three of us were laughing.  The policeman nodded at me, with a big smile on his face, then went back inside.  With a crazy wife, the big hairy guy didn't look so suspicious.

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