Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Day Out in Sheffield

The City Hall of Sheffield
Some days we just want to get out, whether or not the weather is cooperating.  In the rain we drove to Sheffield.  But, when we arrived, the rain stopped!  Maybe it does have something to do with being close to Manchester, which we have been told repeatedly is the rainiest place in England!

This building looked like origami.

Since it is summer vacation, there was a fun fair set up in the city center park.

Standing guard over the city.

We came to see the cathedral, but is was under construction/renovation.  Looking at it we decided that even if it wasn't covered over, it would not be a very nice looking building.  We went inside, and even that wasn't very pleasing to the eye.  So, we went out onto the streets to see what we could find.

The park was surrounded by water features.

Water cascading down.

The cascades are in memory of a man who died 160 years before they were built.  He was obviously a special man.

Sheffield is famous as the place where steel was made.  A manufacturing kind of town, which has seen better days.  Don't let first impressions fool you!  This place is hopping!  The old parts have been integrated with new, amazing architecture.  Such a pleasant surprise.

Water, water every where.

The winter gardens, to bring a bit of summer to a place where winter is very long and dark.

We have one of these yuccas growing in our backyard in Tucson.
We enjoyed our short visit to Sheffield.  One the drive home, it started to rain and continued through the night.  Yep, Manchester is the rainiest place in England!

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