Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to Uplands

Uplands, our home for the next little while.
Our house doesn't have a street address, it has a name; Uplands.  From the road it looks rather small, but in reality, it's two story, going down the hill rather than up in the air.  The back of the house has large windows looking out on a lovely valley.  We find ourselves sitting looking out at the green, the farms, the birds flying by, then across the valley to several towns.  A very peaceful place to be. 
It's much bigger than it looks at first glance.
Our hosts are 3 dogs, Murphy, Ruby and Lucky.  They are ruled over by Millie the Cat. All of them are older, 12 to 14 years. Lucky is the oldest, as least healthwise.   In the mornings, we take a long walk over the local walking trails and part of a golf course, about 3 miles.  In the evenings, we do a little shorter one, as Bill and I have been walking a lot during the day already.  Beside, they are in a rush to get home to their tea, which I have cooked and left to cool.

Windows overlooking the valley.

We've had a struggle with the internet, as they use a dongle, which went with them camping.  We purchased one for ourselves, but it won't work on our Google Chrome os.  If Google really wants to make this successful they need to get off their backsides and fix a lot of things!  In the end, the homeowners, Alice and Helen, are letting us use their home computer with our dongle.  Bill loves it, cause there is a big screen to look at his pictures.

Millie, the only one who would let Bill take her picture.  The dogs hid from the camera!

The owners and their pets moved from Australia two years ago, bought the house, did a wonderful remodel and are now both working here.  One interesting thing about housesitting is learning the culture and politics of your hosts country.  We've been getting an earful about the cuts the current government is making to healthcare, as both work in this field.

Bill is really enjoying the stove.  The cooktop is gas, the ovens are electric.

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