Saturday, August 17, 2013

Walking with the Dogs

Hurry up Mary, stop trying to take pictures and open the gate!  We're not going to look at you.

Every morning we go for a walk with the dogs, Lucky, Murphy and Ruby.   Murphy leads the way!  He always stops just as he gets on the road, waiting for some clue at to which way we should go.   A nod of the head is all he needs, then zoom, he's off.  He never gets too far ahead, always looking back and if we are too slow, he turns around and waits.

Murphy is always ready to go.

Ruby is a plodder.  She is usually in the rear, spending time smelling everything.  Guess she wants to be sure who has come by since the last time she was here.  Ruby always waits for the gate to be opened for her, even though there is no fence and she could walk up a couple of stairs instead of waiting, but, no, she always expects the gate to be opened for her.

Ruby is the Princess.  What Ruby wants, Ruby gets.

Ruby rolling in the grass.  She and Murphy love to do this!

Lucky is the old fellow.  He has a bad back and hips, but keeps up very well.  Sometimes, he gets distracted by a sound or a smell or a movement on the wind.  Then we have to remind him where we are going. "Oh yeah, I remember now!"  He never forgets when it's time to be given a treat though, even reminding me if I forget!

Lucky deciding if he should take the stairs or wait by the gate.

We walk in circles, because that is the way the paths are built.  Want to walk longer, just take the outer path.  If you get tired, there are shortcuts to the next ring up.  It's all great fun and easy to navigate, once you get the hang of it.

Good dogs get treats!  These pups are some of the best!

Murphy in the lead, followed by Bill, Lucky and Ruby.

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