Monday, June 14, 2010

The Giant's Causeway, At Last!

After a couple of days trying to get adjusted to the time change, light change, and life in general, we were ready to go off on an adventure. When Bill asked me where I wanted to go first, there was only one answer, The Giant's Causeway! This is one of theose places I've wanted to see since reading about it in National Geographic when I was very young. Plus the story of Finn McCool is just too good of a tale!

You will notice the big grin on my face in all the pictures.....

We bought a membership in the National Trust, which will get us into of different places, some of which we would never pay individually to see, but with a membership, we will have to go to be sure and get our moneys worth.

After all the climbing around on the rocks, we headed to Old Bushmill Distillery for a tour and taste. This is the oldest licensed distillery in the United Kingdom, being in business since 1608. Now that's a lot of whiskey!

I've never cared much for whiskey, too harsh, but this Irish stuff is good.

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