Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Neolithic Stones

One of our passions when we are stayed in France and Cornwall was finding the neolithic standing rocks. Stonehenge is one that everyone has heard about. But, it's the lesser known ones we really enjoy searching out.

In France, quite by accident, we found La Roche au Feis. The Rock of Fairies. It felt like the fairies did indeed live there.

Cornwall's stones were harder to find. Some we finally put the coordinates into the GPS and followed BIB's* directions. They weren't very well marked, leading us to wonder if it was a subtle means of protecting them. We found The Hurlers on an outing with Molly the English black and white collie.

The Dancing Maids took a bit more sluething, but worth it.

* Bitch in the Box, our GPS.

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A Evening Visit to the Eiffel Tower

 Our Airbnb apartment was very close to the Eiffel Tower, so after dinner, we walked over to say Hello!