Monday, June 28, 2010

Game Fair at Shane's Castle

No, it's not a meeting of folks who play games, silly. A Game Fair is for people who hunt, fish, train dogs and birds, all for catching game animals. It's ok, cause we didn't know what it was either, but the weather was gorgeous, so we went!

There were lots of beautiful dogs walking their people. They had terrier and lurcher racing, which was actually dogs chasing a 'rabbit', 3 at a time. The funniest was one little Irish terrier who was ahead, but then some one yelled his name as in 'Go Fido!' and he ran over to them instead of finishing the race. In another, one of the dogs, who had obviously done this before, took a short cut across the field and caught the 'rabbit' before the others!

Folks selling their wares abounded. Need a 6 room tent? We thought it might work for the Great Danes, they could each have their own room. Now they have to settle for sharing a small tent....poor mistreated puppies!

We also saw a beautiful black and white miniature Schnauzer whose tail had not been docked. I really like the natural tail. We were too busy admiring him to remember to take a picture! Wonder if I could bring a miniature Schnauzer puppy home as my souvenir?

Our visit was capped off with a Pipe Band marching by!

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