Friday, June 11, 2010

Are We There Yet?

We were delayed in Chicago, even to the point of changing planes after we were boarded. We finally arrived in Dublin 4 hours late. Maria and Dennis were waiting holding little signs, "Bill and Mary", so we would be sure it was them. On the drive to Kilrea, Maria told us about the countryside, as well as comments about The Troubles when we crossed the border and drove into Belfast. Soldiers were billeted there, the helicopters took off from there, a lookout tower was there, all of this was bombed to the ground; now it is a bustling city with new construction.

Maria warned us the dogs might not be friendly when we first arrived, but to give them a chance to warm up to us. We took our bags to our room to freshen up. The dogs were immediately outside out closed door smelling. When we finished, we opened to the door to find Shiva looking at us from the end of the hall. She whirled and disappeared! By the time we walked to the entry area, she and Morgan were both there waiting for us with tails wagging, wanted to smell us and be rubbed and talked to, RIGHT NOW if you please! Guess we just smelled like the dogs lovers we are.

The house is very nice and comfortable. We sat around the kitchen table getting to know each other. First with coffee and biscuits (small cookies for you Americans), then later a bottle of wine. We met Maria's sister, Henry and friend, Ann, who came over to pick rhubarb. Dinner was take out pizza.

We were up late talking, not realizing the time, both from the jet lag and how very light it was outside at 11 pm, even though there was cloud cover!

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