Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going to The South


The island that is Ireland is divided in two. The North, Northern Ireland, is a part of the United Kingdom. The South, The Republic of Ireland, is an independent nation. Today we went to the most northern part of Ireland, Malin Head, which is in The South. If it doesn't make sense, just pull up a map and look. Ah, that Irish sense of humor!

I expected Malin Head to be deserted. Boy was I wrong. There were lots of people, but we were the only non locals. A little caravan has set up a snack bar, so folks were having tea and coffee.

Looking out over the bluff, you can see a tradition for visitors; use the white rocks to spell out your name or drawing or even EIRE! One little boy had gone ahead of his family to start his name, when he father saw he was taking rocks from other names to make his own. 'Hamish, don't you steal rocks from EMMA, find your own rocks. That's cheating!' The woman standing next to me said, 'Ah, Hamish. Such a fine Irish name.'

West of Milan Head, there is nothing but ocean until you reach the Americas. If you go northwest you come to Iceland, but who wants to go there, what with the volcano spewing?

Back from the point a way we found this farm house, complete with cows, horses, goats and two wagon wheels painted red. It's for rent as a self catering holiday house. You would have to bring a lot of food, as the road is long and crooked back to a town with a grocery. And just forget about pizza delivery!

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