Thursday, September 15, 2011


So you can get a feel for how tall the Cathedral is, that little person at the base is me.

Cathedral Sainte Cecile
Cathedral Sainte Cecile in Albi is one of the most beautiful buildings we've seen.  The building of it took 100 years, mostly because it is made from handmade red brick.  It is a huge building, described as a fortified cathedral.  The inside is still painted with bright colors and interesting murals, unlike most of the churches in France.

The ceiling with part of the organ at one end.

Close up of one of the painted columns.  The angels were originally naked, but at some point they were painted holding songbooks to cover themselves.

Painted columns with the organ above.  What I don't like about the columns are the demons at the bottom, they are all female.  Not very appropriate for a Cathedral in memory of a Sainte.
Sainte Cecile is one of my favorite saintes, because she is the patron sainte of musicians.  Gotta love a gal who looks out for musicians!  Of course, since I'm not Catholic, I never really knew about saints until I started coming to France.  They have a saint for every day of the year.

Sainte Cecile

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