Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Conwy, Wales

Plas Mawr
We almost didn't go to Conwy, but the owner of the GuestHouse in Caernarfon insisted we would enjoy the Tudor house.  The docent at the house insisted we would enjoy the Castle while we were there, so why not buy their special tickets and see both.  We are so glad they insisted.

Fireplace with the decoration painted to the original colors.  It was nice to see all the color used in the house. 

The kitchen fireplace, much more utilitarian.
Plas Mawr is considered the best example of a Tudor House in the entire of England.  It has been restored with great integrity and care.  Furnished with approriate furniture and even the fabric used has been reproduced from original designs.  It's just a fabulous place!

An attic room furnished as for a poor working family.  After the original owners of the house died, it was divided into a rooming house.

The beams in the attic are too ornate to be there!  They should have been seen.

The Great Room, where family meals were taken.  The covering on the wall is woven wool.
The Castle was built by Edward I as the same time he was building the one Caernafon.  It isn't as big, but the interior is in better shape as well as the entire city walls, except where they took it down to widen the road.
Part of the city walls of Conwy.

View of the Castle taken from the tower room at Plas Mawr.

The well still has water in it.

Most of the interior walls of the castle are still there.

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