Monday, September 05, 2011

Round Caernafon Town

The Masonic Lodge.
Caernafon is a fun place.  It's old, so there are lots of unusual buildings.  It's a walled city, so you are always walking through a huge gate or down a huge wall or tripping over the cobble stones.  It's Welsh, so there are lots of friendly folks who are willing to talk to crazy Americans.  And don't forget the big castle in the middle of it all!

Part of the wall that is around the old city, with one of the gates.  Cars are parked outside the wall on the sea wall.

Looking down from the Castle on part of the wall and a wonderful building that just goes around the corner and continues at an angle.
First pub we were in, we met a young man who didn't understand why we would come there and actually spend 2 days!  "There is nothing to see here."  I suggested he needed to take another look around, as there were lots of things to see.  "I guess you never appreciate your own town."  Not us, we've always looked around every place we've ever lived, and that's a lot of places.

We were assured that this lovely lady is the best barmaid in Caernarfon.

We enjoyed the pubs, this one was the Uen Dertch.  It is across from the castle moat hence the name, Above the Ditch.

A fountain in the Town Square full of playful children on a "blistering hot" day.
Next day, another pub for lunch and visited with an older gentleman who was making sure we were finding all the places to see.  One thing they both had in common;  Wales is not England or UK, it's Wales!  They could have easily pounded the bar and added "Dammit!"

Love the colors on these buildings.

The gulls were always very noisy.

I am always amazed when I see wild swans.
Cartref Guest House, a great place to stay.
 On the edge of town are the remains of a Roman Fort.  It used to be in better condition until they ran the highway smack dab through the middle of it.  The museum was not opened either and on closer inspection, had not been opened all year.  Guess they didn't get enough visitors to pay for it.
Segontium, Roman Fort.
If you've wondered about the spelling of Caernarfon, this is Welsh.  Carnarvon, is the English spelling.
Long Live Wales!

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