Friday, September 09, 2011

A Day in Sete

A small portion of the boat harbor at Sete.
The first time we visited Sete was in 2001.  Our son, John was with us that trip.  There was an Americas Cup Sailboat being built in the boat yard.  That boat went on to win the Cup.  This year, there wasn't anything being built.

Cormorant waiting for a fish to swim by.

The shapes and colors of this house were very eye catching.

In the center plaza is a fountain with an octopus crawling over it.
We walked along the seawall, then up into town.  When we stopped for lunch a funny thing happened.  Our order was not what we thought it was going to be.  This hasn't happened in a long time, but being France, we ate it and it was delicious!  Turned out to be one of their specialties made with octopus and squid.
We didn't eat here, but when the man saw Bill taking the photo, he smiled and waved, then posed for the picture.

View of the harbor from the near the top of the hill.
After we walked back to our hotel, we took a rest and cooled off.  Yes, that's right, it was warm enough that we had to use the air conditioner!  Quite a change from England and Wales.  Then we loaded up our dirty laundry and walked down the street to a laundramat.  The owner came while we were there, and showed me (because neither of us spoke the others language well) how to dry the clothes the best way.  Only half full in each dryer.  Viola!  We ate at the same restaurant as the afternoon before.  Bill forced me to have moules AGAIN! 

Fishermen enjoying the day.

A couple working on their tans.
The next morning we drove down the coastline to a beach for some shells and to gaze at the Mediterranean some more.  The color of the water is the most beautiful blue.  The crowds are mainly gone now.

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