Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Roman Villa in the Gers

A model of the villa when it was new.
Signposts are our downfall.  We were headed to a very specific location when we noticed a signpost for Villa Romain.  Now how often do you see one of those?  Actually, in France, surprisingly often.  But we are suckers for such things, so we followed the sign.
This villa had an exception number of tile mosaics.

Tile mosaics with circles of designs.  They assume the large one in the middle was where a table would have been.

A long room with mosaic floors.

Part of the baths,

Most of the villas that have been found only had mosaic floors in the private quarters.  This one had them all over the house.

A wave design; I really like this one!

This just proved to me why we put tile down in all our houses.  When they are dug up in 1500 years, the tile will still be there.  Cool!

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