Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Craithes Castle Forest and Garden, once again.

It had been several weeks since we first visited Craithes, so we went back to see the changes in what was blooming in the garden and forest.   A lovely summer day, with enough breeze to keep you cool as you walked.  First we took the path into the forest, then visited the gardens.

A beautiful place to sit.

Linear forest

A fallen tree that shows it's shallow root system.

Craithes Castle from the forest.

We then went into the gardens.  Such a change in the blooms, especially the Sea Holly.  While standing under the gumdrop tree, a couple asked where we were from.  They were on holiday from England, and couldn't imagine anyone staying for 5 weeks in the area.  We assured them there was more to see than even could be done in that time.  They had come up to play golf for a week, then tour around a bit.  Different traveling styles!
Sea Holly; we have never seen one turn purple.

A gumdrop in the middle of the garden.

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