Friday, August 21, 2015

Seaforth and Cameron Highlanders Museum

Recruiting poster for the Seaforth Highlanders; looks like a fun time!
The Seaforth (1778) and Cameron (1793) Highlanders were separate units until 1961 when they were joined together as the Queen's Highlanders.  In 1994, the Gordon's joined them to become The Highlanders. Their museum, which is inside Fort George,  follows the units through all the wars fought by the British from 1778 until the present.

Souvenirs from Berlin, including a piece of Hitler's desk.
They fought valiantly during WWI, many of them dying in the trenches. Then, they were part of the troops who took Berlin, after fighting there way across Germany.  There is much memorabilia from both wars on display.
Ram's head cigar humidor in the dining room.
While the dining room here isn't as "fancy" as the Gordon's, there is a Ram's head with jewels and silver which is quite impressive.  I wonder if they passed it around to get cigars or if they just walked up to it?

The dining room, not as fancy as the Gordon's, but still impressive.

There is a nice collection of drums from the Highlanders.
The recruiting posters for both regiments seemed to appeal to having a good time.  They included drawings of young men playing rugby, tossing the hammer, dancing and dressed in their finest kilts.  I'm sure the reality was something quite different during times of war.  Many of the regiments spent years as POW's of the Japanese and built the Burma Railroad.

Recruiting poster for the Cameron Highlanders.
One of the requirements to be a Highlander, is knowing how to Highland Dance.  Even before major battles, when there was a big dinner, the Highlanders were expected to dance.  Quite an oddity, I think.

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