Saturday, August 08, 2015

Grampian Transportation Museum

In the small village of Alford, we found the Grampian Transport Museum.  It isn't very large, but there is a lot of history packed into that building.

From 4-wheel horse drawn to 2 wheel Ducati motorcycles, the range of vehicles is amazing, and very well displayed and signed.

Maroon Cadillac with leather seats.
One of our favorites was displayed under a back lit US flag; a very shiny Cadillac, just ready to go for a spin!  While the bulk of the collection focuses on vehicles from England and Scotland, there were a few excellent examples of American and Italian, as well.
Ready to ride up Mount Lemmon.
Tucked into one corner was a Penny Farthing bike, set up to be "ridden".  Of course, I had to climb on.  Something I always wanted to do!

Two of the locals on holiday 'driving' a steam engine truck, which could haul a huge load.

This little gem was built in 1900, and is still regularly taken out for a spin.
There were steam driven, electric, horse drawn and train carriages; two wheel, three wheel, four wheel and too many wheels to count.  They even have a bicycle collection!  Several times through out the year there are days when they use the large track in back.  While we missed it, on July 5 they held Speedfest 2015, with post-1955 fast cars.  In August, there is a celebration for the "Blue Oval" from 1908 to present.  "Blue Oval" = Ford.

A steam locomotive which belonged to the water company.

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