Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Goodbye Newtonhill, Hello Muir of Ord!

Rae and Marty arrived home on time.  We picked them up at the airport in Aberdeen, without even running into much traffic, well, except for the first roundabout coming into town, but it's always a slowdown!  The traveling couple had a wonderful time on their holiday.  We cooked them dinner, The Dish, which we have prepared for several of our returning homeowners.  They were very tired, both had colds, and were soon off to bed.

As you can see, MacGregor was very excited that his people coming home.

The next day, we packed and prepared to leave, while they unpacked and did laundry. We shared a wonderful dinner that evening and several bottles of wine.  Marvelous!

Bill cooking The Dish.  This was a great kitchen to work in.
We were up early the next morning, ready to leave by 8.  Rae came down to see us off; Marty's cold had gotten the better of him, so he stayed in bed.  It was raining, but was supposed to stop by 9.  We were going south to catch the A9 through the Grampians and up to Inverness.  We thought this would be one way to see a bit more of Scotland.  Except for the fog, that is.  It did stop raining by 9 while we were near Glamis, but soon started back up.  The Grampians were in fog and mist, so, while we could see some of the closer landscape, there were no vistas.

Goodbye Newtonhill!  We've enjoyed our time with you!
Lucy loves her crate in the kitchen. She can keep an eye on everything!
We arrived in Muir of Ord and found the house, even though our GPS tried to take us to the wrong one. We had a picture, so we knew what to look for!  Eleanor and Brian were waiting for with tea and scones, while Lucy and Charlie came with a ball and frisbee!

Charlie loves the kitchen too; that's where the food is!
Had a wonderful dinner with Eleanor, Brian and Sarah,  (Charlie's Mom), then we spent the night in The Priory Hotel in Beauly, while they finished getting ready to leave.  We met at the house the next morning to say goodbye and get the keys. Took the pups for a walk on our own and had a good time.

Forgot to take pictures of the humans, will get one when they return.  This is going to be a good place!

Hello Muir of Ord!

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