Sunday, August 02, 2015

Castle Fraser and Garden

Map of the grounds of Castle Fraser.
We arrived at Castle Fraser early on a Sunday morning, well before it opened.  Fortunately, the garden and grounds are open sun up to sun down.  There were several people running, walking or playing with their children in the small playground by the car park.
These roses had a wonderful smell.
The walled garden was in full bloom, with the smell of flowers in the air.  We were greeted by the resident cat, who obviously was on duty that morning.  He showed us into the garden.
Peeking through an arbor into the garden..

The official greeter on a Sunday morning.

Grapes growing upright instead of along a wire.
When the Castle was opened, we went for a look.  It was built in the 15th century.  The designed landscape was established by Elyza Fraser, Laird of Castle Fraser between 1792 and 1814.  She, with her companion, Mary Bristow of Quidenham Hall, Norfolk, planned and developed much of the woodlands, the walled garden and the stables.  Elyza  was an unusual woman for the time to play such an active role in estate management.
Viewing the castle from the walled garden.

Another giant Sequoia!

Where we came out on top of the castle.
Since the castle  belonged to the Fraser family until 1921, there are many family treasures inside.  This being the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, several of the items on display were from family members who were at the battle.
Looking over the ramparts.
While we couldn't take pictures inside, we were allowed to climb one of the towers and out onto the roof! The higher we went the narrower the staircase.  What fun!
Down the stairs we go.

Bill looking back up at me.

We couldn't resist a picture of this enormous leaved plant.

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