Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gites du Lac

Mas des Pins is the name of their home, which is also a successful greenhouse produce venture.
With no house sit scheduled, we decided to visit the Arles area again.  Not wanting to spend a lot of money, we opted for a gite. There really isn't anything like gites in the US.  They are basically furnished guesthouses built on peoples properties which they then rent out.  Most like to rent for a week, especially in the high season, but in the low season, they are more relaxed about the rules. 

While there are 4 gites in a row, ours was on the end with both a front patio and a side terrace.

This is where we ate most of our meals.

The kitchen was a galley, with the other side a higher bar to block the mess.

Lounge area, with the stairs to the two bedrooms.  This gites was equipped for 5 people, even though there were only two of us.  The cost was about 45 euros per day.
We found ours through Gites de France.  Emailed to see if there was a vacancy, and Viola!  We were there.
The owners, M & Mm Decla, were most welcoming, even though they spoke no English and, well you know about our French!  This place has the best furnishedkitchen we have had in a long time.  It was also impeccably clean, the furnishings comfortable and the local wonderfully relaxing.  If we had come in the summer, there is a beautiful pool, but we satisfied ourselves playing pingpong.  When we finished our 2 weeks there, Madam asked if I would give them "Beaucoup publicity?"  Yes, they will get a wonderful review from us!
One of the resident cats, a beautiful calico.
Ducks on the small manmade lake which the gites get their name.

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