Saturday, October 15, 2011

The only reason to go to Tarascon is to see the castle. It is built high on the banks of the Rhone River. Castles have the best views! We have seen the inside before, but one lazy afternoon, Bill decided he wanted to photograph it with the last of the sun.  He took several pictures from the bridge as the light kept changing.

The castle, with the church spire to the side.

The front tower of the castle, from moat to turret.  The moat is full of water in the rainy season as it takes the runoff from the street.

Tarascon is also the home of the Tarasque legend; an evil monster who came from the river to steal and eat sheep and children. The people sought the aide of Martha sister of Lazarus of New Testament fame, who had immigrated to France from Israel after the crucifixion of Jesus. (She came with Mary Magdalean, Maximus, Mary the sister of the virgin Mary, Sarah a servant, Mary, mother of John and James, Lazarus, and a couple of others. Why stay in Israel when you can live in Provence!)  Martha talked to the monster, made the sign of the cross, and it was never seen again! Except in June, when they have a big festival with a giant Tarasque dancing in the street and the new statue recently installed near the castle.
A modern version of the Tarasque.

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