Monday, October 17, 2011

Other birds in the Camargue

There really were other birds in the Camargue, as well an odd animal or two.  Storks, eagles, swans, egrets, ducks and herons were all around, they just don't flock like the Flamingos.  On some of the outlying islands in the middle of the salt marsh, the storks had built their nests.  In cities they build on chimney tops, here they have built stands for them, or they use some of the few trees that grow. 

"I can see really well up here!"

They seemed to all get along.

Stork standing in a tree.  They looked to big or the tree to small to hold their weight, but it did.

The tallest bird is a heron, with a stork in the background and other birds hanging around..  This was an area where they fed the birds.

Two kinds of ducks.

Swans, always elegant.

Grey Heron known for their fishing skills.

This eagle had a damaged wind, so was unable to fly.
Since there is so much water, there are water loving animals; rats, voles, nutrias.  They are not concerned about the people walking around.  Makes them much easier to photograph.
This little guy was too busy eating to pay any attention to us.
The parc has a path to follow through the salt marshes, with bird blinds and a raised platforms for viewing.  The entire walk is over 10K, we took a shorter version of just over 6K, as the bugs were starting to bother Bill, even with repellent.  It was still a long enough visit. 

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