Thursday, October 13, 2011

L'isles sur le Sorgue

The river Sorgue is split by the islands which give the town it's name.

There is a large mansion on the middle island.
L’isles sur le Sorgue, the islands in the River Sorgue; a beautiful town known for its brocant (antiques) market on Sunday mornings. Having nothing else on our schedules, we decided to go.

The cheese seller.

The sausage seller.

The soap seller.
There were many stalls selling antiques, from books, to linens, tables to dishes, and bits of everything else imagineable. But what was the biggest surprise was the market that was set up. It extended the entire length of the centreville, then turned down the river to encompass the entire town! Then you walked into the town streets, where merchants had their wares out as well, where there was another square, packed full. We’ve never been to a market as huge as this one!
Even the merchants pull their goods out onto the street, which make walking a bit of a challenge.

A little advertising painted on the side of a building.

Dinner over the river.

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