Monday, October 10, 2011

McDo's for internet

If you need internet in France, this is the place to go.

Look for the sign WI-FI, pronounced, Weefee.

Bill checking his mail.
Our gite in Arles did not have internet.  It's going to be available in 2012.  The apartment in Cagnes sur Mer didn't have internet, even though their ad said they did.  What to do?  Hello, McDo's!  The internet is free, but not very fast, so we couldn't upload pictures, or even access our blog account.  But we could check mail to make sure American had not changed our flight, again.   Did we miss not having access 24/7?  Well, not really.  What we did miss was the news, since the tv is all in French.  Imagine that?  The house sit in Nice has a very good connections.  Now to do catch up!

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