Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Arles Marche Emil Combes

Paella, one of our favorites.  They always put it together so beautifully.
Arles had a big marches on Wednesday and Sunday.  The Wednesday one is really hard to find parking, but if you come really early on Sunday, you can easily find a spot.  They close off one of the busiest streets around the base of the old town.  The vendors put their goods out on either side of the street, along the sidewalks.  The center of the street is used for walking or, in the event of an emergency, access for vehicles.

Provencal linens.  I purchased gifts from this booth in 2005 and again this year.

Everyone needs sunglasses to keep out the Provencal sunlight.  Tres chic!

Everything is for sale here.  You can buy all your foods and wine.  Don't forget about a new outfit or maybe you want to redecorate the house.  The vendors all speak a bit of English, or are at least willing to deal with my painfully slow French. 

Olives, peppers, onions and assorted mixes.  There is one called Apero Mix , just for aperative time.  In this part of France, some of these olives are very spicy.


Spices of every sort.  We purchased a small bag of spices of Provence to take home and hopefully, be able to duplicate.  Compared to the US, spices, even in the grocery store, are much less expensive.
We buy most of our produce, cheese, olives and a couple of gifts at the market.  We also people watch.  There is so much going on besides buying and selling.

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