Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Musee Renoir

Renoir's olive orchard.
The house where Renoir spent the last years of his life is now the Musee Renoir.  The land was a producing olive orchard, a working farm, not like Monet's flower gardens.  Renoir suffered from rhumatoid arthritis.  He painted by taping the brush to his hand.  The sculptures you see, were designed by him, but another artist did the actual work, with Renoir sitting by him, saying move this, more here, less here.  It must have been frustrating for him and the other artist as well.  There was no picture taking allowed inside the house, although we couldn't see any reason why. The house is not in very good repair, maybe that's why no pictures.

Renoir mentored young artists.  There were always several living with the family, some for so long the rooms are named after them.  When they were putting the museum together, these same artists donated their works that were finished at the house, or pictures they did of Renoir, or even items he had given them.  Renoir does come across as one of the good guys of art.
The walkway from the back of the house into the gardens.
 The museum closed from noon to 2.  We had left the house and were wandering around the gardens, when a woman came and told us we had to leave.  We didn't realize they closed the gardens as well!  So, where we could take pictures, there wasn't time to take pictures.  Oh well.
The only stature we had time to take a picture of.

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