Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Highland Cows, Finally!

We have been on the look out for Highland Cows the entire time we've been in Scotland.  We have driven over 1500 miles, only to spot one Highland Cow in a field too far away to take a picture.  The fact that there was absolutely no where to stop on the road was a factor in no picture, too.  So the hunt continued; day after day, mile after mile, pasture after pasture.

The elusive Highland Cow with her hwo calves.
Then, while trying to locate Pictish carved stones, Bill suddenly slams on the brakes and yells, "Big Hairy Cows!"  We stopped where a side road came into the main road, so Bill could walk back, in the rain, to take a picture.

A Highland Bull; wish he had been standing, but we take what we can get.
Highland Cows are not the biggest cows around, but they are very unique looking, with that fringe of hair over their eyes and the curved horns.  We also thing they are excellent at hiding from tourists wanting to take their picture!

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