Friday, July 31, 2015

Hiking Around Loch Kinard, Then Finding Tomnaverie Stone Circle by Chance

It was a cool, cloudy day with periods of rain.
Our purpose in hiking around Loch Kinard was to find an Iron Age village which had been excavated in the 1970's.  If there was time, we would hike on to a Celtic Cross and view the two island in the middle of the loch, one the remains of an Iron Age fort, the other with the base of a castle.
Hike we did.  We found the Loch, ferns, fungi, cows, water lilies, black slugs and beautiful scenery.  We did not find any of the places we were looking for, even after a 3 mile walk; sometimes in the rain, always in the wind.
The ferns were over 6 feet tall.

A black slug stretched out and moving.

Curled up to look like a snail.

One huge bull in a pasture of cows.
We did have a good time, though!

Tomnaverie Stone Circle in the rain.
Arriving back at our car, in the rain, I took the time to look at our map.  There just around the corner, was another place of interest.  As it was on the way on anyway, we decided to see if we had better luck finding Tomnaverie Stone Circle.  Not only did we find it, there was a clearly marked car park.

Did I mention it was raining?
Bundled up against the wind and the rain, we trudged up the rather steep hillside. Why did they always build these things on top of the hill?  It was worth the walk. The place has great views and the stones are wonderful.  Some days, even if you don't find what you were originally looking for, you may find what you need!

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