Friday, July 17, 2015


The weather was sunny and warm, so we took the 6 mile drive to Stonehaven to have a look around.  What a fun surprise.  Stonehaven built a wonderful walkway along the sea, from the heated salt water pool and playground on the north side of the village to the fishing harbor to the south.

Locals and visitors were out in force, enjoying the sunshine.  We joined in, walking and taking pictures. While it was sunny, there was also the breeze you get near the ocean, so I didn't take off my jacket.
Although it was a warm day, there was a bit of a breeze, leaving large sections of the beach nearly abandoned.

The walkway leading to the bridge over the river.  Idiots have started putting "Love Locks" on the bridge and throwing the key into the river.  We really hate to see this; it damaged the bridge and is an eyesore.  As a couple who have been married nearly 46 years, we know a lock on a bridge doesn't make a bit of difference.
One of the local groups made a maze in the large viewing/sitting area.

A boat sculpture on the bay side rocks.  There were several unique sculptures scattered on the rocks.

The man working on the garden has made it a beautiful spot along the walkway.  You can just see his laundry hanging in the background.

We met these two gentle giants and their black lab friend,  enjoying their walk.  They were older Great Danes, and the owner told us he had another at home, who didn't walk much any more

One of the main reasons we went to Stonehaven was to have the fish and chips from The Bay.  We found it on the internet before coming over while looking at Aberdeenshire.  On the walls inside are every award you can imagine for outstanding food.  They also tell you which boat the catch you are eating has come from.

The Bay, which sells the best fish and chips around.  But, the long line is going next door to the ice cream shop!  The Scots do love their ice cream!

A rescue pod and boat at the training academy in town.

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