Saturday, July 04, 2015

39th Drumtochty Highland Games; Scottish Competitions

Having never been to Highland Games, we didn't know what to expect.  Rae and Marty suggested Drumtochty because it was smaller and more of a community event.  They were right!

The setting is in the Glen of Drumtochty Castle, which is usually the home to a herd of red deer, who were relocated for the games.  It has been held here since 1977, when it was started to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee and now it is the 61st Anniversary of her Coronation.

The Scottish competition was already going when we arrived, but it was for the younger group.  This is a way for new comers to get experience in the competition. The heavy weight group included some of the younger competitors as well.  The man who won the younger group, did very well against the older competitors. The winners qualify for entrance in the the Big Highland Games at Braemar, which the Royal Family usually attends.

Some of the games were: 22 lb and 56 lb Hammer, 28 lb shot putt, 178 lb Caber toss.  The items they played with were different than what we had seen before.  One of the hammers look like a large sledge hammer. The other hammer is a paint can size piece of lead, with a handle attached.  It is swung through the legs, backwards over the head, to make it over a board that is 13 feet in the air.  The shot put has a chain on it that is swung around 4 time then let fly, but the competitor's feet are stuck to the ground so they can't turn around.  All of them look a bit complicated and in some cases, dangerous; especially the backward toss over the stick!

Letting the shot putt fly.
Tossing the Caber.

The Caber is level, then will flip end over end, landing at a 12 o'clock position.                                      

Most of the competitors did not make the hammer go over the pole.  It's a very tricky thing to do! 
A successful Caber toss.  This man won both competitions.

All of the men competing wore kilts.  Their shirts had the logo of Glenfiddish Whisky, who are the main sponsor of the several games held around Scotland.  The shoes and socks were obviously left to personal choice.  I especially likes the tall black and white striped.

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