Saturday, July 04, 2015

39th Drumtochty Highland Games: Highland Dancing

While all the men were competing around the field, the Highland Dance competition was taking place under a large shade toward on end.  They had their own piper to play.  There were 10 events, all different dance forms.   The competitors were divided into Primary, Beginner and Novice, Intermediate, and Premier; all of which were then divided by age group.

The dancing was on a wooden stage, which really accented the piper's foot tapping on several of the songs.  Some of the dances involved costume changes, too.

We talked to one of the dancer's Mum, who was filming her daughter, then, also spoke to the daughter, who was one of the premier dancers, 15 and under.  She was quite the athlete, to keep dancing all day long!

None of them are touching the ground.

The girl in purple is the one we talked to.

Not knowing anything about Highland Dancing, it was hard for us to tell who was best.
The dancing started at noon and was still going stong when we left about 5.  The girls were looking a bit tired, but still could jump high!

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