Sunday, July 19, 2015

46 Years; Where did the Time Go?

When folks have been married a long time, they get grumpy.  These are our grumpy faces. 
We've been married 46 years.  I always thought this many years would feel longer, but time works oddly, because it's really isn't that long ago.

We went to the Muchalls Bistro for dinner, in the next village over, only a couple of miles from home.  Rae and Marty recommended it as a place for a special dinner.  They were right!   Wow!  The food was exceptional.  The ambiance was perfect.  We were the only non-locals in the place, and all the tables were full.

Fresh Shetland Mussels in Garlic Butter and Tarragon.  Absolutely delicious!

Bill's entre was Dressed Fresh Crab, unfortunately, the picture did not come out clear.  None the less, the crab was delicious.

Fresh Sea Bass with basil chili oil for me.
We shared a bottle of Douglas Green Sauvignon  Blanc from South Africa.  Well, shared is not quite right, because Bill was driving, so I drank most of his half too!  His Mom used to always say, "What's his is mine and what's mine is me own!".  So very true.

Dessert!  Muchalls Indulgence; a combination of crushed meringue, home made Cointreau and vanilla ice cream, raspberry puree and drizzled in a rich chocolate sauce

 We had a small dram of whisky when we arrived home.   A perfect anniversary evening.

46 years has not made us grumpy; this is how you will usually see us.

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